NWI Contracting Promotional Video

The Ballistic Arts video team created a live action video that inspires customers to entrust their visions in the hands of NWI Contracting by giving them a view into how they operate.


  • Construction


Telling the story of a trusted renovation company that has grown into a full-on development company.

From going on-site to capture how NWI completes their jobs and the faces behind the work to artfully presenting the best of their projects, this video tells the story of a company that takes being the best to heart.

NWI will help you accomplish your vision for a dream space

Specialists in high quality renovations and customer service. North West Integrity Ltd. is a Vancouver based firm that believes in a personal approach to your unique project, for the success of a long lasting client relationship. With over 10 years of experience, they find beautiful and efficient solutions for every construction project.

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