Health Care Video for Perinatal Services BC

Ballistic Arts worked with Perinatal Services BC to make a health care video to create awareness around their course about gender-based violence. This health care video includes an on-location interview and shots of the organization’s office, as well as animated title screens throughout.


  • Health Care


Health Care Video Vancouver
Health Care Video Vancouver PHSA


This Health Care Video was created to be used primarily on YouTube with the ability to be shared across all digital media platforms. The quick, engaging video is a great accessible introduction to Perinatal Services BC’s course about the impact of gender-based violence.

We created a Health Care Video to assist Perinatal Services BC. They provide leadership, support, and coordination for the strategic planning of perinatal services in British Columbia. In collaboration with the Ministry of health, they provide training and education aimed at improving the health outcomes of pregnant women and newborns. This health care video is part of a series of health care videos our team helped Perinatal Services BC, which is part of the Provincial Health Services Authority in Vancouver promote wellness for new mothers and new borns.

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