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Live To Your Own Beat

Our team came together to create a brand story around Presley that was clean and nostalgic for real estate developers Sync Properties. This brand was inspired by the historic and trend-setting ways of Elvis Presley. Using creative messaging, clean photography, and a signature black and white logo, we were able to emulate a nostalgic brand while keeping it fresh and modern.

But we did not stop there!

We then went on to leverage our branding and designs to successfully generate buyers and clients for their homes. Providing SYNC with a full A to Z service, from brand creation to final closing stages.

Trendsetting In The Valley

Our goal was to create a brand that would be recognizable for a wide range of demographics and that would be engaging for the local community as well. Presley was successful in getting the public's attention using their unique approach to marketing and trendy messaging to keep their buzz alive and thriving.

Designed For Your Unique Personality.

Sync Properties designed the elegant townhomes to allow any individual to live their unique personalities in the comfort of their new homes. Whether it's was a downsize, first-time home buyers, or young families, Presley's homes offer an amazing layout that is adaptable to your style.

Why Video Was Essential

Creating a unique eye-catching design is a great start, but we needed to put these in front of our target audience in order to generate the engagement and interest we were looking for. So we decided to create a video ad to help support our future marketing efforts. This decision quickly started returning dividends when we launched our ads.

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Lead Generation Magic

Once our assets were complete, it was time to start sourcing interested buyers and leads to the project.

We started by building an initial Facebook A/B test campaign, to see how the videos we created would perform against an image-carousel variation. After running the ads for the first week it was obvious how important the video was to grab our audience's attention, showing far superior results compared to the carousel version. Allowing us to generate 35% of goal for high quality leads in our first week of ads alone!

We continued to run and optimize the already performing video campaign, by testing creative copy angles, targeting options, lookalike audiences, cost caps, and other techniques we have gained through experience in this industry.

Real estate developers in BC video ad

The result has been beyond the client's expectations. We've managed to generate quality leads for less than 54% of the industry average price.

This proves that combining great creative, online video marketing ads and precise digital analytics is an incredibly rewarding investment.

The proof is in the leads, helping us generate them for 54% of the price of the industry standards!

Project SOLD OUT 3 months ahead of schedule!

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