Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) Get Involved Video Series

Ballistic Arts created a video series to inform residents about the regional budgets and to encourage community participation on their website on various topics. The videos are intended to be shared through various social media channels and public presentations.


Regional District of Nanaimo


  • Association
  • Hospitality
  • Organization
  • Public Health and Safety
  • Public Relations


Bright & Friendly

The on-screen talent casually explains key details about regional budgets while motion graphic elements appear to visually represent her message. The icons, line art illustrations, and colours in the videos pertain to existing printed material which allowed us to maintain the same design consistency.

Informative & Inviting

The RDN has taken a modern approach to direct relevant information to its residents. The videos encouraged viewers to participate in issues that matter from annual budgets, transit, curbside collection, and regional parks. The getinvolved.rdn website is designed for community engagement and discussions.

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