Return-It: Bag-In-A-Box

Return-It’s newest character, “Sarah Cask,” makes her debut.


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Creating Awareness For Bag-In-A-Box Returns

To promote the returning of bag-in-a-box to depots, Return-It needed to finalize their newest character and plan an engaging video for social media. To accomplish this, their character would have to get graphical touch ups, be animated, and be featured in a short video.

Sarah Cask Return It

Hitting The Mark With The Creative

Sarah Cask was designed to represent wine in a box, which of people surveyed 85% did not know the deposit refund for. The character was designed to represent the young female wine enthusiast and embody their lifestyle.

To successfully create Sarah Cask, it was important to learn more about the current Return-It Gang. Their crew - including Walter Bottel, Joyce Box, Pete Bottel, “OJ” Carton and Al Capican - had a certain personality that had to be matched. The original drafts of Sarah Cask did not match this visually. After vectorizing Sarah Cask, colourizing the image and making it animatable, she finally started to come to life.

Love Return It Social Media
Bag In A Box Joins Return It Team

A Social Media Success Story

To show off that wine in a box could be returned, like the rest of the Return-It gang, our 15 second video needed to tell a story. After going through various storyboarding ideas, the final concept involved the young Sarah Cask engaging with the Return-It Gang on social media. This was represented by the characters becoming friends and Sarah Cask photoshopping herself in with the original five.

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