Seaspan Shipyards ACCESS Program Videos Highlighting Indigenous Employees Success

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Seaspan Shipyards had partnered with the Aboriginal Community Career Employment Services Society (ACCESS) and collaborated with Ballistic Arts to create a short video series to highlight key Indigenous employees that have successfully participated in the programs.

Defining Stories

Ballistic Arts video documented three Indigenous Seaspan Shipyards employees at work and briefly explained their career journeys. Each person shares their unique stories, but share similar positive experiences with the ACCESS program. Their success stories help guide future Indigenous community members to take the necessary steps to build their careers.

Building Strong Relationships.

Seaspan Shipyards has emerged as a leader in the community. Partnerships with local initiatives like ACCESS has benefited us all, both within the Indigenous community and the larger population. This video series provides a glimpse into the positive outcomes of good people coming together to support each other.

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