Seaspan Shipyards – Sea Trials Video

The Ballistic Arts video team created long form video and a series of social media videos for Seaspan Shipyards’ Sir John Franklin’s Sea Trials. The shipbuilding process is complex and requires the integration of various disciplines and the expertise of our team members, so our team was to document the Sea Trials of the first large Coast Guard vessel built in Canada in over 30 years.




  • Logistics


Engaging. Sense of Pride. Excitement.

These short clips had a 10x reaction compared to the usual image posts on Seaspan’s Instagram channel. Video highlighted Sir John Franklin’s operational range of 8,500 nautical miles and capability of staying at sea for up to 31 days without re-provisioning.

Great Canadian Ship Builder

Seaspan was in charge of planning, design, construction and testing of the Sir John Franklin, the first Offshore Fisheries Science Vessel (OFSV), an important project for the future of Canada’s Ocean Sciences.


"Just a quick note to express my thanks for the hard work, creativity and professionalism that I’ve seen your team since we began working with your shop earlier this year.

We’re not only pleased with the videos that have been produced but in alignment with what was promised from the outset, the workflow has also been managed effectively. It’s noticed, appreciated and simply refreshing.

To all of your team – well done and keep up the fantastic work!" ~Erika Schade, Seaspan

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