Sprott Shaw College Video Series

The Ballistic Arts video production team wrote, produced, and edited three energetic videos that highlight Sprott Shaw's alumni sharing their success stories during graduation day.


Sprott Shaw


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Our film crew visited Sprott Shaw College's New Westminster location to record the live action video series.

Our goal was to create a batch of videos that would showcase the students' energy on graduation day, capture alumni testimonials about their new confidence in their career, and highlight alumni achievements after completing their schooling and professional journey. The videos incorporate fast-paced cuts, posed group shots, detailed close-ups, and a feel-good music bed in order to create an inspiring tone.

Sprott Shaw College takes pride in supporting their students during and after graduation.

Their Employment Services Specialists help graduates with job placement assistance throughout their lifetime. If required, Sprott Shaw graduates may return for this employment assistance at anytime after graduation. Should they require skills upgrading in the area they trained in, students may also return to Sprott Shaw for free refresher courses.

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