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Documenting a Monumental Step Forward in Annacis Island Productivity

The new Annacis train tracks were key to increasing the productivity of local businesses. The tracks help both receive and distribute a lot of the goods for the businesses of Annacis Island.

To properly record and document this project, filming had to be done both during and after the construction. With tight windows and deadlines to get the right shots, managing the timeline was essential to making sure everything was captured on time.

Telling a Story

The Annacis Island train tracks were more than just a construction project. The project was a solution to the island’s bottleneck. Conducting an Interview with Gerald Linden, President of SRY, allowed us to establish the story behind the project. While interviewing Jordan Atkins, Vice President of WTC Group, demonstrated the impact the build had on the community. With these two contributors to our story, we were able to present a cohesive narrative in our video.

Gerald Linden
WTC Group Vice President

Capturing Overhead Drone Footage

With limited time, weather concerns, and ensuring no local operations were disrupted, there was only one opportunity to get the drone shot of the trains passing by one another.

The drone specialists did a great job of getting the right shots to make a productive and exciting scene.

Trains Passing Annacis
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