Award Winning Video Ads for Study North BC

Our video production crew created award winning video ads for Study North BC to showcase high quality education and training opportunities at different post secondary institutions.


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A unique study experience like no other in beautiful British Columbia

Our award winning video ads include narration and a feel good music montage, which guides the viewer through the key focus areas of Opportunities, Lifestyle, Adventures, and High Quality Education in Northern BC. The beautiful cinematic visuals creating a sense of awe and motivation that, as a promotional video, is stunning for any prospective out of town student to see. The perspectives and testimonials of the students make the promotional video more personable and relatable.

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Best Print-to-Video Marketing Campaigns - Canadian Video Marketing Awards

We were extremely excited to accept an award from the Canadian Video Marketing Awards for our work on this campaign with Study North BC in 2018. We loved working on this project and getting to film some beautiful parts of our own province. We're proud to say we've now made award winning video ads!

A world class education experience made just for you

Study North BC is an organization that encompasses many different post secondary institutions in Northern British Columbia. These institutions offers unparalleled access to hands on learning opportunities, co-op opportunities, chances to learn about the industry, all while exploring the majestic beauty or Northern BC.

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