Teekay Shipping Animated Video Production

Teekay Corporation is the world’s leading midstream marine services company and a vital link in the global energy supply chain. The Ballistic Arts video production team provided the company with 3 videos that highlights their innovative and passionate spirit.


Teekay Shipping Corporation


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Teekay Shipping invited our Vancouver-based studio to create motion graphic videos for their Investor Day presentations.

The objective of the videos were to show the strength of Teekay’s company. Our goal was to show investor institutions why they are a sound investment for their funds.

Ballistic Arts’ video department came together to create three inspirational videos: Transformation, One-Teekay and Spirit. Each video shows off Teekay’s new brand.

For Transformation and One-Teekay, the feeling of innovation, professionalism, and confidence is done through a simplistic stylization which uses elegant shapes, lines, and clean typography. The Spirit video uses a collage of memories to give a sense of teamwork and good times at Teekay.

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