Tourism Burnaby Live Action Video

Our video production team created a live action video that showcases Burnaby’s unique features with a focus on living, working, playing and learning in a city that's surrounded by nature.


Tourism Burnaby


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The 90-second live action video created by the Ballistic Arts video team features beautiful visuals of the tourist attractions in Burnaby.

The focus of the video is to demonstrate to travelling organizations that Burnaby is a great destination for their members. Burnaby’s close vicinity to Vancouver, and the city's cost effective accommodations makes it a great destination for group travel. From the Burnaby Village Museum Carousel, to the local beaches and festivals – there is so much to do in Burnaby!

Tourism Burnaby is a destination marketing non-profit organization with the objective of increasing the amount of visitors in Burnaby.

They are responsible for promoting corporate meetings, pleasure travel, sports, cultural, and other special events in the city. This organization was incorporated in 2004 under the Society Act of British Columbia.

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