Tourism Richmond Video

The Ballistic Arts video production team constructed a fun and engaging video that encourages viewers to embark on a tasty adventure and promotes the Richmond Dumpling Trail.


Tourism Richmond


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Our live action video features a group of friends who are experiencing the joys of Richmond’s Dumpling Trail; the cultural diversity, delicious food, distinctive atmospheres, and collective adventurous fun of trying something new.

The music video montage was filmed at four different locations. It conveys an exciting and motivational tone by incorporating wide travelling shots, intimate reaction shots, close-up food shots, and an upbeat soundtrack.


"I love this video and the ones you made for us. We will be getting lots more people taking the dumpling trail next year thanks to our shiny new videos. You have been so very organized. It was a pleasure to work with you!" - Ceri Chong, Campaign Planner, Tourism Richmond

Tourism Richmond is a non-profit destination organization that encourages travellers to explore the fourth largest city in BC.

Their primary mandate is to market the city of Richmond to visitors throughout the Pacific Northwest, and to service their needs upon arrival. The Dumpling Trail is a self-guided tour that is completely dedicated to eateries that serve a variety of Asian dumplings. Each restaurant has been hand-selected by Tourism Richmond to ensure a great experience.

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