Villa Cathay Care Home Website Design and Development

Our website design and development teams at Ballistic Arts worked together on a new, updated, modern care home website for Villa Cathay Care Home. Our goal was to create a site that would raise awareness toward funding and support of the care home while showcasing the activity and work Villa Cathay does in the community.


  • Not-for-profit Organization


We created web pages for Villa Cathay Care Home that clearly show their purpose and community involvement and display the credibility of their staff and facilities. Our team revised the organization of each page to ensure the page was easy to navigate for Villa Cathay’s target audience: adult children in their 40s and 50s searching for professional care for their senior parents. We also made sure to align the site’s layout and look with Villa Cathay’s brand identity by incorporating traditional Chinese elements, as the care home primarily serves the Chinese community.


Villa Cathay Care Home is a non-profit organization creating a comfortable and familiar environment for seniors in the Chinese communities requiring care. Open since 1978, the home takes pride in valuing and learning from its residents while providing professional services and culturally focused recreational programs that exceed the expectations of residents and their families.

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