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Targeting the right audience to maximize video views at lowest cost


FirstMate Pet Foods is a family-owned and operated Canadian pet food manufacturer committed to making nutritional pet food with high-quality ingredients. We partnered with FirstMate early in 2020 to help with their digital marketing. In July, FirstMate came to us with a ready-made video intended to spread awareness about the FirstMate brand and its products. Their question was: How do we reach the right people?

The Ask: Target the right audience for the FirstMate video


We were already managing digital ad campaigns for FirstMate, meaning we had a wealth of user data to work with. After diving into the numbers, we identified the ideal audience for their video. We utilized Facebook’s Audience tool to create our target audience - one that would demonstrate high engagement rates, low cost per ThruPlay, and capture a new group of potential customers.


Video content is some of the most engaging content you’ll find online - as long as it’s being delivered to the right audience. 15-20 second videos offer visually stimulating bits of information in short bursts, easy to digest for the short-attention-spanned social media user. They’re a great way to attract attention and persuade users to interact with your brand.
Keeping your target market in mind is key to generating the best results from your video. If you’re a pet food brand supplying dog and cat food, you're not going to see much engagement from people only have fish as pets. Sharing your video across a blanket audience means even a beautiful, well-done video can fail to perform. You need to target the right people.


By utilizing Facebook’s audience targeting tools, we identified an engaged target audience, prevented our client from wasting money advertising to the wrong people AND proved the effectiveness of video content.
Need help with audience targeting? Wondering if data-driven marketing is right for your business? Hit us up for a free consultation with one of our digital marketing experts.

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