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Greenscape Leads and Website Traffic

Greenscape Leads and Website Traffic


Acquiring quality leads at a low cost & improving overall website design


Greenscape is the leading retailer in Canada for artificial greenery products. We partnered with them in 2021 to assist with acquiring new leads and optimize their website for the user. In their industry, they were mostly dominant in the Metro Vancouver area, but wanted to have a wider presence in Canada.

The Ask: Use the best keywords to acquire quality leads at a low cost


We had experience with Google Search Ads and just needed to find the right keywords to acquire quality leads. By doing preliminary research, discussing current trends with Greenscape, and making frequent adjustments to optimize and remove keywords we were able to effectively find high quality leads.

Why Google ads? For a market like artificial greenery a google search often comes with purchase intent. Both our marketing team and Greenscape agreed that Google Ads would be the best place to start testing advertising for new leads, and the decision paid off.


Our team has worked hard to ensure all Greenscape’s domains are utilized under the same website banner. To start we combined their previous main two domains into one. Additionally, their website was initially split into two, one part built in WordPress and the other built in Shopify under a different domain. To integrate the store and the website under the same domain we utilized WooCommerce.

Moreover, it was important to create a great user experience on the website. To enhance the user experience on the website we changed the previously bulky navigation menu into an easy-to-use dropdown menu on both desktop and mobile.

Additionally, we helped create and upload topical blog content onto the Greenscape website. Blogs Topics such as “Preserved Moss: What’s the Hype'' and “Having a Hard Time Keeping Your Plants Alive? Go Faux!” have positively contributed to Greenscape’s SEO and web traffic.


Our ad efforts helped expand the companies market to become Canada wide, as opposed to just being dominant in the Metro Vancouver area.

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