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Shift iQ is an adaptive skills development platform that connects industry competencies to learning outcomes. In February 2021, Shift iQ came to Ballistic Arts to create five unique explainer videos for their software. One video was to be 2.5 minutes long and the other four were 10-20 seconds long.


The long video employed a motion design explainer style animation to communicate the key messaging points for the video. Using the motion design explainer style animation, allowed us to showcase what the User Experience would be like should they choose to navigate the ShiftiQ software. Furthermore, using creative tactics to manipulate the right elements, such as footage from limited backend access, enabled us to showcase features that the prospects would be curious/keen to use.


The short videos combined design explainer style animation along with small graphics to highlight four different aspects of Shift iQ.
Offer accurate and necessary training
All skills development needs in one place
Develop competency-based learning programs
Deliver outstanding skills and development on your own terms


After a complicated editing process, the videos were created to a satisfying finish. Shift iQ now has four high-quality short videos, perfect for social media to generate awareness, and crucial for ads to create consideration and/or conversion, as well as a great feature video that can be used on their website to educate and “explain” their product to potential onboarders.

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