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Ballistic Arts Launches Priority Concepts Sales Force Website to Help Companies Get the ERC (Employee Retention Credit) Funds Hassle Free

Ballistic Arts Launches Priority Concepts Sales Force Website to Help Companies Get the ERC (Employee Retention Credit) Funds Hassle Free


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Last quarter, our fabulous team launched a website for Priority Concepts, a business that helps US-based companies fast-track the process to acquire ERC (Employee Retention Credit) funding before the deadline.

If you are a US-based business owner, you could be leaving an exorbitant amount of money on the table if you have not submitted your business for ERC. Many business owners are not aware they are eligible for this tax credit or do not have the capacity to figure out how to apply for employee retention tax credit. On the other hand, if you have dealt with painstaking governmental tax forms, documents, and bureaucracy – it may tie up a lot of administrative time that is better spent on honing your own business. In the same way that Priority Concepts specializes in helping businesses attain their ERC – minimizing hassle and maximizing ROI, they commissioned our digital marketing team to implement a Sales Force based web platform and better their brand content marketing to optimize the best SEO traffic.


Our objective for this project with Priority Concepts was to help promote B2B sales leads by connecting Priority Concepts to this target audience: American business owners who are qualified for ERC but do not want to deal with the hassle of applications.

The ERC funds were designed to aid businesses with employee retention in wake of the aftermath of COVID-19, which saw the standardization of protocols with mandatory mask use, social distancing measures, plexiglass dividers, personal protective equipment, and effective sanitization procedures – all of which added cost to business owners. 


According to Priority Concepts, in order to qualify for the ERC, businesses need to pay out a specific amount of wages and healthcare premiums to employees. Most small to medium-sized businesses that employ several people can qualify, but there are fine-print stipulations that the experts at Priority Concepts will ensure their clients do not miss. From the B2B service demand point of view, Priority Concepts is leveraging the fact that the ERC will no longer be available by the end of 2022. This means for businesses that want to find out whether they qualify for this tax credit, and minimize their stress levels during this application process, Priority Concepts is the safest bet. Do you know a business owner in the US that could benefit from this? Share this article, Priority Concepts has a referral program.

Priority Concepts corners an entire market that needs specialized guidance and financial counselling on how to receive the ERC, after realizing that information available online was scarce. They wanted to begin marketing right away in order to help businesses get ahead of the 2022 ERC expiration, needed help getting their website up in a two-week timeframe, and ended up booking a free consultation with Ballistic Arts.


The Ballistic Arts team implemented an Oxygen WordPress website and integrated Salesforce flow to smooth out Priority Concepts’ inbound sales intake and promote B2B sales. Oxygen allows its users to achieve versatile designs quickly while maintaining a high-performance site with the fastest load rate. We did our homework with market analysis, competitor research, and proposed statistically best-practiced marketing sales strategy, logo and website. Our team executed this project in two weeks, which was necessary due to the limited-time offer of ERC. You can visit the end result here:


The design utilizes a customer journey that allows potential clients to click through at multiple points with calls-to-action segmented in the beginning, middle and end of the main page. The process is followed by keywords and headlines that promote B2B lead generation, easy-to-follow application steps, and social proof with client testimonials. We provided Priority Concepts with a proven B2B sales funnel landing page, which may look simple on the surface – but distilling complex messaging into digestible and actionable steps takes tremendous care and focus. We worked with the CEO to synthesize the most important to Priority Concepts’ target audience. Read more about how website flow can help your business grow.

Our team prides itself on merging creative marketing strategies with a statistically backed B2B sales process. To find out more, you can visit our website, book a free discovery call, or listen to our CEO, Ted Lau, chat with industry experts on Marketing News Canada – Canada’s #1 ranked marketing podcast.

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