You may be asking yourself: what is so important about getting local Vancouver based leads?  Read on to find out. 


As we all know 2020 has caused many changes to human behavior. The most significant change is that we are all spending much more time in front of our screens. Whether its mobile, tablet, computer, or even watches, online is where we all come together now that we are physically not allowed to.

Forward-thinking companies already know this. So they have found a new and consistent way to ensure growth and its called lead generation! In marketing, lead generation involves reaching out to prospective customers  online and creating interest in a product or service.


Aside from people who show interest in what your company offers, leads can also be people or companies that fit your target group. Generating leads is as important as a well-refined pitch or closing; here are five benefits your company gets from including lead generation in your digital marketing strategy.


Generating leads helps raise brand awareness among consumers

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Businesses always strive to have an excellent brand recall, and lead generation helps with that. When you reach out to your target market, it strengthens your reputation.


The stronger your reputation, the greater your overall brand value, and the more likely you are to earn profits. When you generate local Vancouver based leads, you educate and inform people about your product’s features, creating the capacity for ‘word of mouth’ advertising.


Lead Generation can improve your profit ratio and sales


The majority of B2B companies spend more than half of their marketing budget on generating leads. When a business uses lead generation programs, they are likely to get more sales. These activities can be directly responsible for turning interested people into customers and increasing their profit margins.


Lead generation also contributes to a better return on resources you spend for your search engine marketing. Since you only pay for leads received, you can reduce your cost-per-lead by taking an inbound conversion approach. Promoting top-of-funnel offers like free content will be cheaper than focusing on paid ads.


Leads benefit both the buyer and seller

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With lead generation, a buyer can conduct detailed information research and look at the nuances of products or services from different providers. Sellers also benefit from seeking out leads; when they pitch to people who have opted in, it removes the first speed bump on the way to completing a sale.


Also, lead generation lets the seller collect data on a prospect. A person who signs up for your e-mail list shares his preferences and demographic information with you. Depending on his interactions with your e-mails, you might get even more, like his wishes, fears, and needs. Knowing these helps your sales team tailor your product to meet his requirements.


Leads are extremely cost-effective strategy


Businesses have an incentive to use the least amount of resources all the time, even when getting potential customers interested in a product. Lead generation costs as much or less than the amount you can potentially get from closing a sale, making it invaluable to marketers.


You could also approach lead generation agencies who can provide consistent outreach at set plans. These agencies have a price set per lead and focus on a product or service that the business wants to boost. It is a convenient solution for companies that need to focus on other aspects of their marketing funnel.



Generate new clients and profits

Without concerted efforts toward generating local Vancouver (or BC) based leads, your company will not grow at a rate you would like. In today’s competitive commercial landscape, you have to quickly establish your name and maintain it through consistent relationship building with your customers. Having a lead generation strategy is the first step towards that.


Let prospective clients know who you are and listen to your story! Partner with Ballistic Arts—we are a full-service Vancouver digital marketing agency engaging audiences and helping them get the word out about their brand. Launch your next project with us; contact us today to learn more!


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